Tank cleaning introduction

Historically oil industry during all stages of oil handling creates consider able amount of sludge. Be it crude oil production, refining or transportation, oil has to be stored in some kind of vessels. Because of nature of the crude oil and oil products different amount and composition of sludge settles down to the bottom of the holding tank. Such sludge consists of oil phase, water and solids. Hundreds of thousand tons of newly created sludge are added to already overflowing sludge collectors. This is not a question of if but rather when and how to deal with this growing problem. Several important aspects of sludge utilization have to be resolved:

Our system includes everything necessary to deal with sludge removal and processing.

Main tank cleaner unit is highly productive machine capable of removing and processing sludge

tank cleaner centrifuge unit is additional equipment which is used to separate phases of crude oil sludge. Both units are mobile and energy independent. They are moved from site to site by a regular truck. Units are specifically built for the industry and explosion proof. Time to start up system in new location does not exceed 4 hours. Output product varies depending on sludge composition and equipment used. If stored product is crude oil, system is using water as a cleaning agent. In this case centrifuge unit may be highly beneficial and output product will be sellable up to 98% oil. Should stored product is heavy fuel oil, cutter stock is used as a cleaning agent and just main unit will be sufficient. Output product will be sellable high quality heating oil. Both scenarios will greatly reduce amount of hydrocarbon contaminated waste to be buried. Storage of crude oil and heavy oil products creates major problem. It produces huge amount of hydrocarboncontaminated waste during cleaning. However usage of our system with centrifuge will reduce this amount tenfold.

The The remaining solid phase is still a hazardous material and Saban Sanat Sepahan. has specific way to deal with it. We are offering Thermodesorbtion system which will process this hydrocarbon contaminated waste and as a result, thermo treated product with less than 0.5% of hydrocarbons will be received. This waste is safe to be discarded in any land field. Such system, besides solid phase coming from centrifuge unit of Tank Cleaner can process other hydrocar bon contaminated solids such as refinery and petrochemical waste and oily contaminated soil.


Tank cleaner Main unit will liquefy, extract and preliminary separate bottom sludge from oil tanks and reservoirs. Unit has everything to control and power auxiliary equipment used for cleaning. Remotely operated cannon with highly concentrated stream of heated cleaning agent under pressure (20 bar) is used to liquefy sludge. Such system, contrary to conventionally used, greatly reduce unproductive waste of heat and energy. All auxiliary equipment is hydraulically driven by on board hydraulic system. This reduces fuel consumption and guaranties safety of operations.

Usage of both tank cleaner Main and Centrifuge units allows cleaning not only varieties of oil vessels and reservoirs but also consequences of oil spillage.

Proposed system is a great business investment. Capital expenditure and maintenance cost are recuperated in a very short time. Major contribution of our technology are:

Short Payoff time.

Thermal - Desorber Final Decontamination.

The system designed to thermally remove hydrocarbons from contaminated soil and sludge. The recovered hydrocarbons utilized as oil for farther use. Part of removed hydrocarbons is returned for process heating.

System can process various materials such as:


Thermodesorbtion system could be mobile or frame construction. Many different types of hydrocarboncon taminated solid waste could be processed. Should mobile construction is used the system may be set up on new location in 45 days. System is explosion and fire proof. System is modular. Main modules are: thermodesorbtion module, dust extraction module and hydrocarbon vapor regeneration module.


Thermodesorber can process solid waste with: • Hydrocarbons up to 25% • Water up to 30% Hydrocarbons content in released material do not exceeds 0.5% by weight. Production capacity of mobile equipment is 2 MT/Hr and stationary up to 10 MT/Hr.

Advantages of the Thermodesorber system are:

System can process various materials such as:

Tanker Trucks & Railroad cars washing systems

It is no secret that transportation of petrochemical and food products be it by tanker trucks or railroad cars, adds substantial cost to the product and has big environmental impact. Our innovative technology will help you to reduce your cost and minimize impact.

Modular Washing

... Modular Washing system is a skid mounted complete technological unit. Close loop design eliminates human contact with product which greatly increases safety and environmental benefits. Human entry into the tanker or car is minimized or totally eliminated.

Advanced process reduces water consumption up to 98% during cleaning. Residue removed from the car is concentrated by the process and minimized for disposal. Modular design allows relatively easy system relocation as well as adding additional modules to increase productivity. One system can clean up to 24 rail cars or truck from heavy sludge per day. Should more capacity is needed modules can be installed sequentially.

Mobile Washing

Mobile Washing system. This system is based on tank cleaner platform. In general similar technology is employed. Such system has several advantages for the customer. There is no design or construction work required from customer. Unit can work from any relatively leveled ground. System is self contained and energy independent.

Both systems are using same auxiliary equipment. High pressure Wash Heads remove residue by jetting action. All tankers and cars which transporting oil products will accumulate heavy sludge on a bottom. In this case proprietary hydraulically operated telescoping system is used. Telescope delivers two wash heads to close proximity of the tanker ends. This improves cleaning quality and efficiency. Our system is constantly outperforms other technologies and has a short pay off period.

Modular washing system for-food grade tanker trucks

Saban Sanat Sepahan Inc. propose unique, compact, modular, automated washing system able to clean tank trucks used for transportation of different food products, such as: juices, milk, chocolate, food oils, liquefied yeast, liquors, etc. Proposed turnkey system enables users to perform fully automated tank washing cycle. System available for one or two, simultaneously washed tank trucks configurations.

Two tank trucks washing system includes two sets of mirrored equipment installed side by side. This configuration have throughput of 30-40 tank trucks per day. Modular system design was specifically targeted for two independent and interchangeable units controlled from single operator platform, which makes system independently manageable for repairs and downtime.

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